Prices of the iPhone 7 are larger elsewhere than they are in the United States

If you are in the United States and you are still feeling somehow about having to shell out nothing less than $749 before you can become a proud owner of the new iPhone units, especially the black colour editions, you might feel better when you see the kind of price tags that Apple has slapped on other countries all over the world and then, you would know that you have it better than a lot of people.

Most of these countries we have picked are all important areas of launch for Apple products and they would also be getting the new device on the 16th of September with everyone else and in every one of them, the price beats that of the US in every way, even after converting to the equivalent of the dollar on the current market exchange rate.

We start with Italy where the base model of 32GB costs a massive $898 and by the time you move up to Australia, you would be required to hold up to $973 in your wallet if you want one of these. It also seems that Apple wants to take their own little chunk off of the oil money that is being generated in Norway because you would need to sell apples worth $903 in this region before you qualify to order one of the basic models of the iPhone 7 unit.

We probably should not go on at this point, and you in the US should already know that of all the other markets, you have it better.

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