Qualcomm confirms fear: Samsung Galaxy S6 is void of Snapdragon 810

In what first looked like a game of ping pong (bouncy bouncy all the way), the dust has settled and it’s time it dawned to everybody that Samsung has shunned Qualcomm processors for the company’s upcoming Galaxy S6.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 phone
Samsung is known for powering it’s past flagships with Qualcomm-made Snapdragon chipsets, nonetheless providing a flavor of these smartphones by making a number of units with the company’s home-brewed Exynos chipsets. This tradition has been on since the Samsung Galaxy S3, and even the latest Galaxy S5 comes with either Snapdragon 801 or Exynos 5420 processor.

This time, Samsung is said to be over-hauling everything altogether. With the start-from-scratch attitude the Galaxy S6 will be built on, the Korean electronics company is reportedly taking the revolution even deeper to the phone’s engine. It was earlier rumored that the upcoming smartphone will be using Exynos chipsets all through (Samsung is said to be cutting costs) and now Qualcomm has come out to say that a “a large customer’s flagship device” won’t carry the Snapdragon 810 as expected.

An artist's concept of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 which is expected to be launched in March during the MWC.
An artist’s concept of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 which is expected to be launched during the MWC in March.

Now that it’s all clear that Qualcomm is referring to the Samsung Galaxy S6, over to you Samsung customers: will you stick to a Galaxy S6 without a Snapdragon 810 or will look for other options.

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