Qualcomm facing antitrust investigation in South Korea

Dr Stranger Qualcomm
Just a day after agreeing to pay China a record-breaking fine of $975 million for breaking antitrust codes in the Asian country, United States semi conductor company Qualcomm is again facing a similar hurdle but this time it’s in Korea, Samsung and LG‘s South Korea.

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission is investigating Qualcomm Inc. and an insider has told Reuters that the agency is sending proxies to Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel and other related firms to see if the Snapdragon processor producer is abusing its current dominant market position.

It will be recalled that in 2009, the Korean Fair Trade Commission, FTC, fined Qualcomm the sum of $200 million for a similar case. When reached out for a reply, a Qualcomm rep declined to comment on the issue.

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