Qualcomm’s Comeback With A Settling Score

The winner during the recently held 2016 Mobile World Congress was not the phone or the phone manufacturer, but if you go deeper with it it’s the chip manufacturer.

Qualcomm’s Comeback With A Settling Scores

Qualcomm, of course you we have posted this name so many times on our postings, this company was having a hard time way back 2015 due to issues coming out like the excessive heat and its power issues with Snapdragon 810 class flagship processor.

So this chipmaker returned to form new Snapdragon 820 the new generation chipset. Obviously almost all android smartphone announced during the MWC has Snapdragon powered device.

Samsung recently introduced their new two flagship handsets, Galaxy S7 and Edge, of course this will be powered by Snapdragon 820 in United States. And also LG broke its previous records for excitement with modular G5, again powered by Qualcomm’s chip available on all of its devices, Sony with their trio of smartphones with Snapdragonpowered Xperia X.

With device run by Snapdragon on major mobile news shows that they are getting in the market share on all smartphone makers.

Lastly, big news was announced during MWC in which HP’s Elite x3 and Xiaomi’s Mi 5 both running Snapdragon chipset.

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