Quality Over Quantity, Why A Smartphone’s Megapixels Don’t Really Matter


If purchased new camera or smartphone, you surely heard the term “megapixel.” Basically, this was the way most company describe camera’s resolution based on number of pixels it’s the device capable of capturing.

1MP (One megapixel) refers to one million pixels, known as small squares of information combined to make an image. So, if a device or camera has resolution of eight megapixels, this means that it would capture images about eight million tiny squares of information per inch.

Most of the smartphone brands refer their device’s megapixel count when talking about their photo quality and newer phone devices come with improved cameras that feature more and more megapixels. example, cameras on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and S6 both with 16MP sensors, while Galaxy S4 has 13MP camera. iPhone 6s and 6s both 12MP cameras, improvement over its older iPhones’ which it only has 8 megapixels.

Some says that pixel quality really matters than the actual number of pixels in camera sensor, especially to smartphone cameras. Even a tiny picture, you can pack good quality information. “You don’t have to take a 40-megapixel picture to have that much information.”

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