Quest To Build The World’s First Ethical Smartphone


For most people, smartphones are the kind of device that we see first see in morning and last thing we see before we sleep. Yet in spite of our personal relationship with these modern devices, we tend to know little about how they are actually made, considering they put the world’s brightest knowledge at our fingertips.


A Dutch enterprise called “Fairphone” who wants to challenge human ethical ignorance on the way smartphones made, this 40 person team shining light on huge social and environmental impact with regards to smartphone supply chain from mines of Democratic Republic of Congo going to the factories of China and e waste of Ghana by just building smartphone itself.

The study serves as the “storytelling platform” in order to expose the ills of electronics supply chain, Bas van Abel, founder and CEO of Fairphone, tells Quartz. With transparency an underlying principle, Fairphone gives its customers regular social media updates about how this smartphones was made. The company flags any problems it encounters, such as finding suitable factory can ethically manufactures relatively small run of devices.

“By making it from scratch, we might be able to understand why things are the way they are, and we might also find solutions to them,” van Abel says.

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