A Quick Look to Apple’s Trade In Program Now you can Trade in your Broken iPhone

For those who don’t know, Apple’s has been running their iPhone trade in program for some now, different than iPhone Upgrade Program to what the company have launched last year.

Apple’s Trade In Program

With its former customers can hand over their pre loved old iPhone (or just any smartphone) to Apple and then receive a gift card that they can spend on, when they want to buy newer iPhone.

Currently, Apple does not allow you to trade in iPhone with cracked screen or significant damage elsewhere like the device camera. But this time according to 9to5Mac, that is going to be the same case for much longer.

Starting this week, Apple reportedly starts accepting iPhones with broken display, camera, or buttons. Report notes that the damage device must be considered “within reason,” so if your phone has been run by a truck or tossed off a building or something, you probably still be out of luck.

I tell you frankly, if the phone in our website picture above qualifies. Customers can expect trade-in values around $50 for iPhone 5S, $200 for 6, and $250 for 6 Plus. That amount could go up depending on the amount of storage your phone has. For Apple, the program is adding kindness to trade-in program encourage customers to actually take advantage of it. Just think how many shattered iPhone screens you have seen, and definitely makes sense.

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