A Quick View With Samsung’s Latest Flagship Smartphone

During the recent Mobile World Congress official press conference, Samsung’s latest flagship devices was one of the most awaited moment for its unveiling announcement during the Mobile World Congress conference.

Samsung Flagship Phone

But beyond surprise and glitz Zuckerberg cameo asked the audience if Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are actually good? After the unveiling of the official flagship phone, we will see markets first impressions with the device and could say the future of Samsung’s upcoming device in the future.

Samsung’s device series are not just high but very high premium handsets and they will be attractive for people who want to upgrade their old one or for those who want to get a new one.

But for those who have purchased Samsung models last year, we believed that it is not worth upgrading to the latest one or shall I say getting the latest one. I will not recommend doing it.

Samsung endured rocky experience in mobile market few years as thus even becoming the top smartphone maker becomes an issue, its new mobile device are not going to solve company problems.

When you think that its latest Galaxy S7 and Edge will help the company fend off its vicious competition in the mobile market specially the Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei, those other brands are still in the edge in terms of pricing and quality.

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