‘Ransom’ Hacking Attack Targets Apple Mac Users

Just recently reports telling us that Mac user were the main target by hackers equipped with “ransomware”. This was the first ever attack campaign that targets Apple operating system.

‘Ransom’ Hacking Attack Targets Apple Mac Users

Basically Ransomware was similar to malware in other words a malicious software that recently rise, as usual this malware steals files and valuable data, and then encrypts it, as in the end it will then ask amounts of money for user to pay in order to get those data back.

Security experts discovered that ransomware, known as the “KeRanger” targeting all Mac users explained how this infecting mac systems.

By just a single piece of “BitTorrent” this software known as the “Transmission” infected with the KeRanger, so when Mac users were downloading its latest product version, ransomware was then installed on the machine.

Transmission was a open source project, the possibility that this project was replaced by hackers and then it was recompiled  in order to create a malicious version, as of now we can confirm how this malware infects the system.

The hard part was that ransomware able to bypass the strict Apple’s security checks tricking OS X operating system thinking that malware was legitimate software.

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