Real Life Images Of Huawei P9 Emerge Online

So following up the recent leak showing prototype Huawei P9 emerge again online, as you can see the image shows the device protected by plastic shell.

Real Life Images Of Huawei P9 Emerge Online

As the leaked image appeared online again, at this moment the device was fully uncovered showing it all.

So again if this recent leak was in relation to the previous one, this only mans that Huawei was working on slim and all metal covered device. As you can see on the image, it seems that the device is flat and rectangular that is similar to P8, with rounded shiny edges, a diamond like  cut chamfers outside the front device panel.

What we have seen on the previous device leak was that, it was built with dual camera pretty normal to almost all flagship device. But this time it has dual lens and we don’t know yet the purpose of this feature. This could be like G5 from LG in which was used as wide angle lens for a versatile photography. Or somewhat similar with Huawei’s Honor 6 Plus device that used a dual camera in order to offer a post capture and ability to control manual focusing while shooting.

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