Real Mi 5 from Xiaomi Phone image leaks out


Xiaomi a Chinese company grown to become one of world’s biggest phone manufacturers, but this growth is almost due because of its huge presence in Asia, and also in United States and even most of Western world, Xiaomi phones are not officially sold. So when a company this big is preparing to release its flagship phone, expectedly the world watches in importance, even more the fact that after the recent success of Xiaomi Mi 4, that company is now releasing its successor.


The primary reason for this delay might something to do with some issues like overheating Snapdragon 810 system chip, but whatever reason, Xiaomi Mi 5 is ready for prime time: company confirmed that it will be officially launched on February 22nd.

Nearly a month before the mentioned big announcement, a trustworthy image showing prototype Xiaomi Mi 5 has surfaced in Weibo.

Mi 5 looks sleek, reminiscent to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, screen bending towards sides of the phone. However it may conclude that Xiaomi is now copying Samsung. In fact, Xiaomi Mi Note a phone that featured similar design and released few months before Galaxy S6 series.

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