Jailbreaak iOS 9.2 Or 9.3 Will Not Be Release On Public

There are articles that usually on tech telling the reasons behind the delay on Jailbreak iOS 9.3. Thought its sites has its own opinion , the answer points out clearly to the word “responsibility“.

We all know that Todesco successfully cracked it iOS 9.2  and even though he has the change to become popular again by releasing it on public, he still decides not to release it.


Let us explore further, first Todesco is a security researcher. He is finding bugs and reports it to the company, in this case it helps companies update its system and make it more secure to its users.

It is not that easy task to create jailbreaks, as it involves finding certain bugs and piecing them all together so you can break the rules company put into it.

Jailbreak developers traditionally create jailbreaks that require a physical access to the target device and user should have interaction. But in this situation, what if you have a device bug that will allow remote access to your device? And what if these kinds of bugs are easily exploitable with these bad guys? Sounds a disaster right?

So if jailbreak developers will not think cautiously about this bugs and releasing it as their jailbreak, then higher chances of putting their users in extreme risk of being hacked remotely by these bad guys and do other nasty things on it.
This time, Todesco decided his research breakthrough not fit for any public consumption.

“It’s about the fact that the bugs themselves can be dangerous and there are some exploits that are ‘jailbreak-grade’ and others that are not,” said Todesco.
Though some people get frustrated and see teased that they will never get in their hands, at the end of the day it is the decision of Todesco.

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