Red Star OS From North Korea Has Zero Privacy

As far as we remember on our old post, we posted last year about North Korea’s plan to develop a Operating System based from them. As what we have said the OS will be a Linux based and will be dubbed as Red Star OS.

Red Star OS From North Korea’s Has Zero Privacy

For some reasons the platform will not be available outside country and it will be exclusively from them. According to the information that we gathered the OS will not be available outside but some of our partners managed to get a copy under their hood.

So at this moment, the big issue will be its privacy, this has been a trending issue regarding the government given authority to spy their citizens. But this time it turns out that in North Korea this will not be debatable anymore because according to our researchers, they have found out that North Korea’s Red Star Operating System has no privacy.

Basically within Red Star Operating System, this means that government in North Korea will have access or has the capability to see who viewed and what file, so when they intent to view a file, there been modifications made. So for those who try to smuggle documents outside country the government will surely notified.

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