Refurbished iPhone 5 from Apple trade-in program now officially sold on eBay

Apple and eBay have somehow pacted an agreement to sell refurbished iPhone models on the e-commerce website.

iphone 5 refubished
The store, located at, offers iPhones possibly gained from Apple trade-in programs — though there was no mention of this anywhere on the site — are sold way cheaper than their brand new contemporaries even though they were very “clean” and packaged in a box which contains chargers, headsets and other accessories.

A 16GB iPhone 5 on the portal cost $449 via Buy Now while a 32G model cost $449. There was a paceholder for the 64GB iPhone 5 (and possibly more iPhone models will be added) though it wasn’t available at the time we checked.

refurbished iphones product page
Apple have not claimed responsibility for providing the refurbished phones neither have they come out to deny it. The product page at eBay says the products are “Apple Certified” and are inspected by Apple for final packaging.

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