Rejoice India: Huawei LTE smartphones coming at less than $100

Huawei LTE smartphones coming at less than $100Chinese phone manufacturer, Huawei, who was the world’s third highest seller of smartphones at the end of 2013, will make inexpensive 4G-enabled phones with India at heart.

The keyword is 6,000 rupees. That’s what the CEO of Huawei in India, Cai Liqun, says the smartphones will be sold at. But before y’all get super exited, he says the phones won’t be available till next year.

Hear him:

“The company[Huawei] has already developed its own chipset to build cost-effective smartphones that would work seamlessly across technologies and spectrum . Also we will give a big push to selling mobile devices, in the retail space that we had started two years back but on a limited scale. By 2017, we have targeted about $600 million from devices’ business in India, which includes smartphones and data dongles that will be 30 per cent of our revenues.”

4G network in India is still at it’s infant stage even though some local carriers have teamed up to bring the service to the South Asian country by the end of this year.

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