Release Date And Specs For OnePlus 3 Revealed

The company’s much awaited project for this year is going to be launched around second quarter of 2016, the OnePlus 3 is now on track for the official debut soon.

Release Date And Specs For OnePlus 3 Revealed

OnePlus going to see of the upcoming OnePlus 3 will be the companies killer flagship device that OnePlus 2 have failed to achieved.

OnePlus boldly announced recently on its site that OnePLus 2 would become the company’s “flagship killer,” but mobile analysts deviated the claim after the device launch. This time OnePlus fans now hoping that they will step up in the mobile game this 2016 with OnePlus 2’s successor.

According to an article on Antutu benchmark website, OnePLus 3 will be the killer device for the company this year, as it will feature impressive specs compared to OnePlus 2. The upcoming device expected to pack Snapdragon processor paired with 4 gigabytes RAM and 32 gigabytes storage expandable via micro SD card.

Rumors point out the possibility that OnePlus 3 might even higher or 6 gigabytes device RAM. Back last year, OnePlus 2 has two variants, one 3 gigabytes RAM and other 4 gigabytes RAM. This mean similar for OnePlus 3 but this time it will be high-end options featuring bigger storage.

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