Removed navigation bar feature on Android Nougat still runs on the Nexus 6P


When the Developer Preview for Android Nougat first launched, we saw a lot of interesting features on this one and one thing that we were already sure of was that by the time the full version would be out, there would have been some significant cuts already.

Some of the things that we didn’t even think would be let off were removed and one of this is the nice navigation bar that we saw with the unresolved versions. The navigation bar feature was very important in the sense that it serves as a strong customizer which basically allows you to take buttons from one place them somewhere else, or put another one in its place altogether.

You can even get the options for a Keycode and Clipboard and the loss of this did not sit down well with many.
The thing however is that you don’t necessarily need to feel bad if you were one of the fans of this feature because somehow, it has not been taken off the Nougat version that can be gotten on the almighty Nexus 6P. All you would need to do is flash your device and we shouldn’t even be telling you at this point that you should only go ahead with this if you have the mind and the required expertise.

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