Report: Apple logo at the back of iPhone 6 will be a notification light

iPhone Glow Apple logo light
Have you seen a MacBook with the awesome Apple logo light on the laptop’s screen? It’s obvious you’ve seen it and another thing is that it’s awesome. The feature will be present on the iPhone 6, reports claim.

“Rear housings for previous iPhones were aperture-free solid blocks that featured the Apple logo embossed on the exterior of the handset,” quoted the report.

iPHone 6 panel shows glowing light
“However … this time the logo is part of a plastic panel that’s inserted in a recessed part of the interior of the rear housing and peeks through the hole. Tellingly, the plastic part looks to have been made thin enough that light can easily shine through to alert you to updates and other important messages.”

We’ve seen Apple introduce incredible tech before. Like the TouchID fingerprint service on the iPhone 5 was a one of it’s kind when it was introduced. Apple now seemingly wants to use it’s imaginative power to create something unique to the upcoming iPhone 6.

We’ve seen fascinating tech promises  like this before which never see the light of the day, therefore, we tell you to digest this report with a pinch of salt and garlic so as to say on the safer side.

The Apple iPhone 6 is coming up in September this year and the one concrete spec we have in hand is that it has a 4.7-inch screen, even though there have been reports of Apple making (and later canceling) a bigger variant with a n.5.5-inch scree

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