Reports: Samsung wants to borrow Sony Xperia Z5 camera sensor for Galaxy S7


Trust me, we haven’t heard the last of the Samsung Galaxy S7 device that is set to launch in January next year if our rumors pan out. The device would reportedly come with a massive 20MP of camera and in light of recent developments, it seems that Samsung has fallen in love with the camera sensor technology that Sony has employed on its newest Xperia Z5 line of devices. Recent reports have also confirmed that Samsung boasts a new ISOCELL technology that would feature on the Galaxy S7 and if all goes well, we might see that Samsung uses both technology on its devices, launching different ones in different regions.

While it is reported that Sony would like to keep the sensor exclusive to itself and its line of Xperia devices, Samsung has been in negotiations with Sony over this. Given that Samsung is also poised for a lot of market sales, Sony might consider the gain that would be made in the long run and give in to the antics of Samsung.

With the Sony IMX300 clocking a camera at 23MP sensor, it would take Samsung some trickery to cut this back down to 20MP as it would be unorthodox to float two of the same devices with different camera ratings. For now, we can only wait and see.

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