Reports suggests that Oppo is looking to break into the US this month

One of the rarest things that we ever see Chinese OEMs do is branch out into other markets like the US but of recent, some of them have been testing these kinds of waters and the attest used to be LeEco but it seems that very soon, that position would be taken from them now. In most recent news, Oppo is looking to expand their base and increase the amount of their devices that are going abroad and they are cementing that move by planning to enter the US markets by the end of the year.

Reports suggests that Oppo is looking to break into the US this month
As of the time of writing this post, there has been no official news to this respect but looking at it from the point that there a just a few weeks left in this year, an announcement should be expected any time from now and that is assuming that this report we have is accurate and the gospel.


Although Oppo might be new to the US markets in terms of smartphones, they have already done some business there in the past when they used to sell Blu-ray players so this should not be an entirely challenging transition for them.

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