Reports : Xiaomi looking to partner with LG Display for OLED screens

Apple is looking to stick with its LCD design for the manufacture of the iPhone devices but in the world of Android smartphones, Xiaomi is not looking to stick with its old screen design methods and has ventured to purchase the LG screen technology – the OLED screen. This recent alleged venture is still a rumor for now as no official statement has been released to that effect.

The display branch of Life’s Good, LG Displays, have started to enumerate their choices and weighed their opinions down the fact that LG Electronics is not using so much of their products and as such, need to seek more business outside of their own comfort zone.

LG has been producing the OLED screens in large quantities these days and as such, would be able to meet the needs of Xiaomi should the deal be announced. It should however be noted that during the last two years, Xiaomi has purchased OLED screens from LG at intervals.

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