Reuters report leaks Samsung’s Note 7 report, explosions blamed mainly on batteries

Reuters report leaks Samsung's Note 7 report, explosions blamed mainly on batteries

When the issue of the explosions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units reached a climax, Samsung started to recall the units and in the end, they promised us that as soon as they got any information on what caused the explosions, they would let us know. Well, we have heard since last year that they have the information at hand already but then, they weren’t ready to share with the general public yet.

According to Reuters, that information might just have leaked.
In the Reuters report, it was stated that the explosion of the units was mainly due to the battery that was used on them, and this is even more interesting than they would love to admit. Sometimes in December, it was suggested that the explosions could have been due to an extreme reduction of the internal margins on the unit and that if the battery had more space, it wouldn’t have gone boom
There was also a time when the issue of battery was dismissed, but we think that is back in the spotlights now. Whatever it is, we wait on the official news from Samsung themselves.

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