Ringing Bells Is India’s Next Super Budget Smartphone

The not so popular handset maker Ringing Bells is set to launch its tagged mobile as device  as India’s most affordable device at Rs 500 this week, this company move is for them to disrupt booming handset market in India.

Ringing Bells Dominating India

The recent device launch is in line with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ goal to empower India thru transforming its growth, the cheapest phone in India at  RS 500 as its tag price which stands its testimony with the governments initiative to uplift countries communication.

Today, smarphones in the market normally priced at RS 1500, just last year DataWind announced that they will be teaming with Anil Ambani Reliance Communication for them to launch the worlds affordable smartphone at RS 999, and they did it, the phone just hit the global market.

Recently, a company identified as Ringing Beels established last year will start producing its mobile handsets with the aim of full local development with rich feature android device, and it has a plan to reveal its upcoming products and it’s pricing.

This new entrant Indian mobile device maker Ringing Bells launch its cheapest 4G android device at RS 2999 and it also launched other to feature phones in the mobile market.

India mobile is the fastest growing smartphone markets for today, poised to overtake US as second-largest phone market in the next years.

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