Rooting of Android: What is it all about?

Android Phones are the in vogue now in the technology world and an average Internet person and the type that loves smartphones now consider Android as the best option that gives a larger percent of desktop experience on mobile.

Android rooting
I will be giving you some detailed and perhaps new information about your Android Phones that you probably might not know but its important you know them to enhance a more friendly user experience and problem free surfing on your device.

About Android
Your Android Phone runs an Operating System that was designed for Commercial and Private Use. Smart Phones generally have different O.S (operating system) with their name which enables the phone function to be effective.

For instance; Apple iOS is called Jail-breaking, and for Android which is our major focus here is called ROOTING.

What is Android Rooting?
Rooting in Android is the process by which Limitations and restrictions are removed and full functionality is allowed. Rooting your Android device involves adding in a small Linux application called “su” which means “SuperUser”, and allows apps and commands it to run with elevated permissions.

Once your Android Phone is rooted, you tend to have more access and control over many settings, features, configuration and performance of your Phone. Basically, rooting means to get to the root of the Operating System and make Global Changes.
Why you should Root your Phone..,

Everything in a Linux is a file. Since Android runs on top of Linux, it acts the same way.

Most of the files you need to access are available to you without having elevated permissions. When you want to do things that affect your device, like Updating the Version of your Android on your Phone, or adding a nice piece of software from another device, you will have to root.

Rooting also gives you access to some software that you could not use. Things like a complete system backup require rooting. Rooting is important when you want to extend the functionality level of your Device.

What are the Advantages of Rooting?
There are numerous benefits when you root your android phones and these benefits includes;

1. Access to some Special and Great Features:
An Application like ‘SUPERUSER’ ROOTED Android Phones. This allows you to control which apps have access to the root system.

Another great feature of Rooting for Android phones is the ability to connect a computer to your device so that the Computer can access the Internet Using your Android Phone data connection. That’s quite awesome right?

Some greater features allow you to connect your Android phones to a Wi-Fi Hotspot without having to pay your provider any fee.

2. Free your Memory Space:
Whenever you install an Application on your Phone, it is installed directly on your Phone Memory not your Memory Card.

Rooting allows you to move installed applications to your SD card, and this goes a long way to free your Phone Memory space and give you more free and effective experience on your Device.

3. Custom ROMS:
This is the most powerful feature of a rooted Android Phone. There are hundreds of custom ROM’s that can do anything from increasing the processing speed of your Phone to changing the entire look and feel of your Phone.

Rooting your Android Phone can be very awesome and powerful as it gives you the best of user friendly experience and total control on your device.

However, the step of rooting your Android Phone should not be rushed into and it should be carefully done, the service of an expert should be considered if you lack the experience of similar tasks.

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