Round-faced G Watch coming next month at the IFA?

Round-faced G Watch

If you are a familiar with these big coys and how they do things, you likely know that “big” products are usually teased sooner or later before they are released — and that’s to get the full dose of media hype.

Round-faced G Watch
Well, the round-faced smartwatch from LG which should be coming next month is no exception. The watch has a round face, as opposed to the square-shaped LG G Watch that was announced back in June.

A teaser video was sent in by LG to get customers anticipated for a product that will “round the corners…and the bends…for a perfect circle” .

Though much info wasn’t made available for the new wearable, we expect to see the watch at the 2014 IFA which is bound to kick off in Berlin from September 3 2014.

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