Rumor : Google considering making its own smartphones

As many would know, Google is the official developer and owner to all the rights that are there on the Android platform even though they rarely ever make an Android smartphone themselves, preferring to sell the software rather than use it. Google has also been known to enter partnerships with other smartphone makers for the manufacture and build of their own smartphone which goes by the name of Nexus. Recently though, some reports are emerging from various sectors to suggest that Google might well be in the race to start making its own smartphones by itself too.

The Information, the source that originally confirmed that Google would be building its own chips without knowledge on whether these chips would be used by Google itself or sold to manufacturers, is also the news agency behind this new report likewise.

The smartphones to be created by Google have all the tendency to be named the Google Pixel phone(s) and if some options are considered, it would really come as no shock as to why Google is making this consideration.

The Nexus plan usually sees manufacturers earn less for more work and there are also a lot of lrgal questions out therer as to the requirements of Google when it comes to the use of Google Play and Apps.

For now, we simply keep our fingers crossed and await Google’s official statement.

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