Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera to have bigger sensors

Samsung has sought to implement lesser resolution and bigger sensor for S7’s camera, says rumours

Just yesterday, we brought you the news of some rumors we heard which stated that Samsung is in love with the type of camera present in the Sony Xperia Z5 line of devices and would love to see such technology used in the much anticipated Galaxy S7. It was also stated then that the Sony cameras come at a type of resolution that could keep them at 23MP as much opposed to the popular 20MP that we have been hearing for a while. Little did we know that these rumors are soon to be debunked by another.

An account on Weibo yesterday said that Samsung may be looking to build the camera on its Galaxy S7 device with lesser resolution but bigger sensors. This should be taken with a pinch of salt as well but it is also noteworthy that the account which this report emanated from has a resumé of reporting news on upcoming hardware like this which almost always turns out to be true.

Should this report turn out to be true, we would be in for a nice treat as a combination of both larger sensors and small resolutions would mean higher mega pixels and higher capability for the camera to take in light, and we all know that means higher picture quality.

Similar reports have stated that Samsung has its mind set on a 12MP camera technology which would then be fitted in such a way as to have 1/2″ sensor size.

All these would be improvements we would love to see but be it 23MP, 20MP or the newly rumored 12MP, we can’t afford to trust any till official announcements.

Source : Weibo

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