Rumor : Xiaomi Mi 5 to feature touch sensitive technology (from Synaptics)


When Apple started a trend in technology with their 3D Touch technology (for the iPhone devices) and the Force Touch technology (for their watches), little would have been in their minds as doubts towards thinking that they were going to rule this particular trend for long. It turns out that a lot of others too can do what Apple has done and even aim for better as a lot of Android manufacturers have started to roll out plans for sensitive touch technology on their devices.

With the Huawei promising its latest Huawei Mate S variant (which is also much more expensive by the way) and this one would be coming with a sensitive touch technology. Rumors and reports now have it that Xiaomi may also be planning the release of their latest flagship – the Mi5 – with a sensitive display technology.

Teaming up with Synaptics (which is by the way the leading organization when it comes to touch interaction technology), we are expecting something mind blowing from the Mi5 which would do so much more than just what the Apple Touch does.

We would truly love to see the Force Touch tech from Xiaomi employ some groundbreaking means to bring us so much more. Till then, we wait.

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