Safari Browser On iOs And Mac Crashing For Many Users, Here’s How To Fix

After the update, a strange bug has been enabled that is affecting most Safari users today, causing random crashes on iPhone, iPad and even on Mac platforms. According to the information that we gather, tapping the URL bar will immediately cause the browser app to completely crash.


The specific issue causing the Safari app crashing has not yet identified, but it sooner this will appears to Apple’s Safari Suggestions service. This bug is somewhat annoying as it affects lots of people all of sudden today.

Every time a user types a URL, Apple sends the information to its servers, returning a response with auto-complete queries, Top Sites and other information. It appears that there is a bug in its server request causing Safari to randomly crash. Some users discover temporary workarounds until Apple fixes the problem properly.

Disabling the Safari Suggestions seems helping resolve the bug for iOS. On your iPhone or iPad, hover into Settings, then tap Safari, and toggle off the ‘Safari Suggestions’ switch. This will fix the crashing, obviously, but as we said it is only temporary fix until Apple sorts out with its servers.

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