Why Safari Is The Only iOS Browser To Offer ‘Do Not Track’ Option

Google recently released its new version of Chrome browser for iOS platforms, this browser enables user for faster browsing speed at less crashes. However, Chrome browser for iOS does not offer ‘Do Not Track’ feature.

For those who don’t have background about this feature, ‘Do Not Track’ setting allows those who are security-conscious users to opt out online tracking. As to date Only Safari Web browser for iDevices offers this kind of feature.

The only browser with do not track feature

“Some of your Chrome features and settings will not be available at this time because of iOS constraints,” says Google.

Google clarify that their Chrome browser for iOS now uses the Apple’s new Web rendering engine called WKWebView, and does not support Do Not Track setting.

It is fascinating to note that Safari uses WKWebView, and rendering engine allows Safari turn on the Do Not Track but limits same functionality on other browsers.

Arvind Narayanan, assistant professor of the computer science at Princeton, worked on developing the ‘Do Not Track’ special feature. He pronounces that Apple is to be blamed for the absence of this feature on other browsers apart from Safari.

“If the API in question doesn’t expose that functionality, there’s nothing Google or Mozilla can do about it,” says Narayanan.

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