Sailfish OS For Sony Xperia X Coming Next Month

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Following the partnership between Sony and Jolla to bring the Sailfish OS to the Xperia line of devices, the tech company has confirmed that the Sailfish OS will be hitting the Sony Xperia X smartphone come next month.

The OS will however not come free of cost as the tech company has revealed that it will be made available for nothing less than €49.90.

Recall that Sony had given heads up regarding the possible release of the OS last month but it didn’t go into the details, however, Jolla has announced that the Sailfish OS for the Sony Xperia X or as it called it, the Salifish X will be available as from September 27.

The company further hinted on some of the features to expect although they aren’t officially supported yet. Jolla noted that there will be Bluetooth, new sensors to include Barometer, step counter, fingerprint sensor and FM radio.

The tech company further revealed that users will need a Linux PC as well as some knowledge of the command line in installing the OS on the Xperia device.

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