Samsung aiming at 5G Snapdragon 7nm chips

Samsung aiming at 5G Snapdragon 7nm chips
South Korean tech company, Samsung, has been reported to be taking shots at producing a new chip which will come with support for the 5G connectivity feature.

The chip, according to reports will be built on the 7nm process, coming after the tech company and Qualcomm in separate events announced their works on upcoming 5G chipsets.

The 5G chip, built on the 7nm process will come a huge step away from the previously existing chips as it will be built on the extreme ultraviolet lithography, EUV.

The 7nm process, compared to the 10 nm FinFET chips, will provide 40 percent area efficiency, an additional 10 percent performance boost and up to 35 percent power efficiency.

The latest process will reportedly break the barriers of Moore’s law.

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