Samsung Aiming Edge On The Mobile Market

In its early days of Samsungs S device, the company aimed to accomplish something in the saturated mobile market with its gimmicky device interface, which prioritized differences over its major functional improvement.

Samsung Aiming Edge On The Mobile Market

As Samsung’s sales surge up in the mobile competition, it has also its backslash. The company faced difficulties from one of its mobile competitor Google, as consumers now preferred purer Android familiarity, and its major competitors like HTC and Moto that greatly reduced and even eliminated some of their popular Android customizations. So the company sought to create its own version of application store and business in form of Galaxy App.

While the company tagged as among founders of first manufacturers to launch its own Android Wear smartwatch, its product was mainly focused on Tizen OS its own platform, an underdog platform that was considered an ultimate hedge by the company than relying purely on Google for its support software.

Samsung also launched its Auto Connect feature in competition with Google Android’s “Auto”. The company is also offering its own based device that can be plug in cars ODB port that can work as WiFI hotspot. Everything was run by Tizen platform.

Samsung’s offering is based around an aftermarket device that plugs into a car’s ODB port and is focused on different tasks, such as creating a Wi-Fi hotspot. It too is powered by Tizen and could well become a platform for car apps.

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