Samsung has an 18.4″ tablet in the making — could fold into two when idle

Your iPad’s screen size might look OK to you, you may say, but South Korean tech firm Samsung doesn’t think so. The phone maker believes tablet screen sizes are not yet there, and therefore making a tablet PC that has an 18.4-inch display, information found with India’s imports/expects agency, Zuaba, suggests.

Samsung 18.5-inch tablet

Not much has been revealed about Samsung’s upcoming 18.4″ tablet, except that the slate is currently undergoing R&D in India. The value of the Samsung tab — INR 32,371 (about $507-ish and cheap by the way) — was also inscribed inside the import documents.

Samsung patent

Samsung recently got approval to patent a technology that allowed foldable screens on mobile devices. While an 18.4-inch tablet might sound very large for you to carry, if Samsung is able to bring that size of display to life with a flexible, foldable screen (like illustrated in the images), we could witness a normal-sized tablet that spreads out into one massive screen the size of a laptop when unwrapped.

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  1. …The picture in the post is not the right one,there’s a picture that match it correctly. its the Samsung foldable tablet…

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