Samsung and Huawei ready to offer their Exynos and HiSilicon processors to other OEMs

Mobile chip

Mobile chip
Samsung and Huawei are known for making processors for only their in-house phone production.

Both companies now want to start making their respective Exynos and HiSilicon processors available for other phone makers to purchase and use in their own devices (coincidence?).

The two top free-for-all chip makers are Qualcomm and MediaTek and they seem to be pulling a lot of profit that it caught Samsung and Hauwei’s attention at once. Meanwhile MediaTek announced a new chipset today.

Samsung office
Meanwhile Samsung just got a boot from Apple in their 7-year deal where the former had been making processors for Apple starting from the first iPhone. This could mean that Samsung’s chip-making department won’t be having any much work around so Samsung decided to turn the whole Exynos arm into a CPU-outsourcing unit for the public.

The Lenovo K860 , Lenovo P700i, Hyndai T7 Tablet and the Meizu MX3 are being powered by Samsung’s Exynos processors already, so Samsung shouldn’t have problems getting more OEMs unto their bandwagon.

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