Samsung announces 96% of Note 7 units recalled, security measures in airports lifted

​In what has been a very long run up to this point, Samsung finally has some good news on the recall of their ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 units. Today, they announced that they have been able to successfully recall an amazing 96% of units that had been sold before the first and second recalls kicked off. 
As a result of this piece of information, the Department of Transportation in the United States has decided to lift the ban it had on the device, which called for airlines to check their passengers for the device specifically.
For the past couple of months, Samsung has been doing all there is in the book to ensure that they get back all of the units that they have launched into the market. they put out incentives at a time an even offered a good replacement or refund programme. When all of these moves failed to work for everyone, they started to roll out battery capping updates and at other regions, discontinued the unit totally.
As to what caused the units to catch fire, we expect Samsung to release that report sometimes towards the end of this month.

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