Samsung announces date for resumption of Note 7 sales in India

After the recent plague of bad news that befell Samsung as regards their Galaxy Note 7 units, there has been a pretty cool replacement programme in different countries and now, they are bold again to enter the market for another try and shot at sales. While the availability for sales has been announced in other regions, they have now announced the official date for the resumption of sales of this device in the Indian market.

According to reports, the device would start selling again on the 7th of October in India and considering this time carefully, that is the same day that the latest iPhone units are bound to go on sale in the country. If you recall, the Galaxy Note 7 which was made in August was initially scheduled to see a September 2 launch in the region but due to the issue of explosions and recall, the date is now as we see it.

As there are no plans to sell refurbished units of the Note 7, customers should be rest assured that all they would be seeing in the Indian market are newly pressed from the manufacturer’s bakery.

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