Samsung assures customers that current Note 7 overheating problem is being investigated, poses no threat

It first started in South Korea, the home country of Samsung itself, when users started to complain that the replacement devices that they have got for the Note 7 are constantly overheating and also, suffer faster battery drains than is normal and while we initially thought that this might be a result of residue in panic that they suffered when the explosion saga began, there is now report to confirm that the US branch of the company has also started to receive the same complaints.

Basically, what happens is that the device overheats when certain operations such as calling are performed on it and this is bound to scare users due to the past experiences that they have either had or read/seen online.

Samsung has however acknowledged now that such problems really do exist and that they are investigating it to find the best fix but for now, have also re-assured customers that what they are facing now does not pose any safety issues at all so you need not worry about the next boom being from your Note 7 device.

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