Samsung brings manufacturing (and importantly employment) to South Africa

Samsung is bringing job opportunities to Africa in a bid to cut costs and perhaps, win more hearts.

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will be setting out a new manufacturing plant in the manufacturing city of Durban, South Africa.

The city of Durban, which houses over 3 million people, is the second most important manufacturing hub in the Southern African country after the capital city of Johannesburg.

The South Africans seem happy in the development as the new factory naturally means more jobs to locals and more importantly, added value to their economy which lost the top spot in Africa after falling behind behind Nigeria’s for the first time in many years.

South African Samsung  factory
“We have worked with Samsung and they identified the Dube (Durban) TradePort as a space to operate from,” President Jacob Zuma said “[We] will launch the special economic zone within a month or so and the first investment anchor will be Samsung,” he added.

Samsung recently added one more address to their portfolio with the securing of a 837 Washington St., New York office on a rent agreement.

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