Samsung could look to providing more colour options to boost sales of the Note 7


According to internal reports, the management of Samsung would be losing cash in the excess of $1 billion due to the present recall of the Galaxy Note 7 units and looking at this equation closely, this would not be the only thing that they would be losing because there is every possibility that there would be a great drop in the confidence and will of other customers who already had it in mind to order for themselves a unit of this phablet, meaning a steep decline in the sales of this device for the South Korean OEM.

In order to make sure that this does not happen, they might be looking to one of their old tactics to keep the market demand up.

The Note 7 was announced in a variety of colours already but it was launched in just a few colour variants all over the world with a select few being available to the users. Already, those that even preorder in the Sapphire Blue variants are getting delays in having theirs because of the production process. To keep this plan in sight, they are then planning to launch the Black Onyx variant of the smartphone in as early as October.

Internal sources have claimed that when the phone was still in the advertisement stage, it was pushed around with the black colour which had already established itself as a fan favourite before the commencement of the recall saga.

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