Samsung declares 2015 “Year of Wireless Charging”

2014 was the year of the snake in China. This year, the Chinese Zodiac calender believes that 2015 is the “year of the goat.” But hey, don’t worry, at least we have somebody in technology who believes this year is about something else and not about a 4-legged mammal — Samsung.

2015 – A Landmark Year for Smartphone Wireless Charging

Samsung wireless chaging
According to Samsung the South Korean phone giant, 2015 is the year of wireless charging, put short.

Wireless charging has come a long way in terms of charging speed as well. Two or three years ago, wireless charging was only twenty to thirty percent as efficient as wired charging. But since then, we have been able to double the charging speed.

Samsung also argues that with “upcoming Galaxy smartphones, users will be able to enter a new wireless world like never before.” Call it gimmick or superb, all these were in reference to the company’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 which industry insiders believe will feature internal wireless charging hardware (no need for special cases this time).

The Galaxy S6 will come with an aluminum unibody, and may even have a glass panel covering the back, but Samsung has purportedly found a way to embed wireless charging into the smartphone in such a way you can simply drop to charge. This goes in the awe of market rivals like Apple, who are yet to come in terms with this kind of technology.

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