Samsung Electronics To Launch its Galaxy S7 and Edge Leasing Program

The Electronic Giant Samsung reportedly launching its leasing program for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge device through its stores in South Korea starting this coming March 11.

Samsung Leasing Program

So the program is similar to Apple’s iPhone Program that was launched last year, wherein all buyers in South Korean flagship devices can use a one year term of paying the device then later on they have the option to switch to latest models.

So every user has the option to enter into a 24 month contract monthly installment for the device, but the catch is that if they upgrade their phone after 12 months they are automatically exempted from the 12 more month’s payments.

This Samsung offer is via Samsung Digital Plaza located one of the company’s official distribution outlet in South Korea, and this program is exclusive for Samsung designated outlets not available in most telco stores.

Samsung to partner with Samsung Card, this is a credit card industry, that offers monthly installments that will be paid by the financial firm.

The pre-order rollout on the Samsung S7 leasing in South Korea will start this March 3.

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