Samsung To Expand Virtual Reality Business Outside Smartphones

Just recently the company’s executive that was in charge in the Virtual Reality said that if its gold mine with VR continues to increase they will have to support it as what market dictates.

SAmsungs Virtual reality

The main purpose of its virtual reality device is just to increase its smartphones competitiveness in the mobile arena, and if this continues to grow then they will soon develop something that will be based on VR.

The executive also stated that VR shows potential investors on how the factory that is still under construction will soon look when the contract is completed, in a classroom situation this helps  by perfect education in which the device displays landmarks or even in schools showing actual activities with the help of VR.

As to date, Samsungs top priority is to create an ecosystem on technology based smartphone, providing high quality videos on VR on both platform iOS and Android. Earlier, Samsung’s executives has already been briefed about the plan of Samsungs Group affiliates that is now on progress and in the future outlook of Samsung VR business.

However, Koo declined to say something on Galaxy S7, he said that information on virtual reality will be revealed during its official launch in Barcelona.

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