Samsung eyes more US market share with new office in New York

Samsung have stepped a few feet deeper into the “land of opportunity” by renting up some space in the heart of New York City.

837 Washington St.
837 Washington St., Meatpacking District is the address where Samsung have just finished renting 6 floors of metal and steel architectural wonder just to open a “marketing center of excellence” where “digital, creative and social media programs” will be brought to light.

Samsung will also bring it’s smartphones to the New York office to try and win over some more hearts from the residents and hustlers in bustling city.

“The new, cutting-edge Samsung office in the Meatpacking District will help guarantee that our business is closer to some of our important customers, an innovation-minded workforce and other key stakeholders for our businesses,” cited Gregory Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics North America.

“This is Samsung bringing their absolute ‘A’ team into the Meatpacking District,” commented an observer.

Samsung had a share of 24 % in the US smartphone market as at the end of May last year. We hope to see what the new office and new investments bring for the Koreans.

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