Samsung Galaxy Gear gets updated from Android to Tizen

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Samsung Galaxy GearIt’s safe to say that it’s very uncommon to see devices being upgraded to an operating system entirely different to the one they were made with.

Well, that’s the case of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and that’s not far from the reason why Samsung and Google went down on a disagreement recently.

With the Korean’s body movement, one could easily see they are afraid of a future with Google. An internal document revealed during the Apple vs. Samsung trial showed that Samsung was desperate to move away from Android.

Well, let’s get back to the news. Samsung is currently seeding updates to Galaxy Gear smartwatches which will see the updated devices runningĀ  Samsung-founded Tizen OS instead of Google’s Android OS which they were sold with.

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The update is currently seeding to Samsung Galaxy Gear owners in the US and will probably be available to users around the world in coming weeks.

You can get the update by downloading it yourself at The process involves wiping out of the Android ROM and replacing it with Tizen OS system files so you have to be careful. You are advised to backup your personal data on the watch before going for an update.

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