Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire aboard IndiGo flight

There has been another explosion of a device that was manufactured by Samsung and although this one is not the Galaxy Note 7, it still doesn’t diminish the fact that their reputation which is already hanging by a thread is bound to suffer more. Aboard an IndiGo light, passengers reportedly saw smoke coming out of the baggage compartment and called the attention of the air crew to it.

On opening the bag, they were greeted by sparks and smokes coming from a much old Galaxy Note 2 unit and although there was no damage to the airplane or injury to anyone involved, there would be repercussions on the image of Samsung Mobile themselves.

With Samsung is still preparing a statement on this case though, the aviation authority in India has made the move to instruct all airliners to warn their passenger about the Galaxy Note smartphones and anyone that would be bringing any of such devices aboard would have to switch it off at all times, if they can’t avoid not carrying them into the air.

If this is the kind of stigma that would keep following the users of Samsung devices around, very soon, people might choose not to use them anymore altogether.

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