Samsung Galaxy Note 4 finally unleashed in the US

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price US

Finally, Note fans, the latest device in your favorite phablet series has been launched in the United States though customers have to wait till next month to get their device shipped.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price US
On AT&T, the 5.7″ Quad HD smartphone will cost $299.99 on a two-year agreement while the SIM-free version will set you back a whole $825.99. AT&T will start taking pre-orders on 19th September (tomorrow) while shipping will begin on October 14, that’s when the phone will be available for direct sale also.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available on T-Mobile for a two year installment package of $31.24 per month for two years. Shipping on the American carrier will begin October 17.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 successor is already priced in the UK, China and South Korea and you can read about that here.

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