Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (unlocked) selling for less than $350 in the US

If you are currently in the United States and are in the market for a device that has some flagship features (well, more according to its own year) and you would also not mind spending your money on a unit that would soon be taken of the support system, we might have an offer that would interest you.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been reduced in price, and you can now snag a unit for as low as $350.
Even though the device being offered has been branded by T-Mobile, it is an unlocked unit and comes with 32GB of internal storage space. For colour, you can choose between the neutral options of white and black. From the listing, you would see the price still set at $399 but at the checkout point, using the GALAXYSALE coupon code would bring a cool $50 off the price.
At that price, you would be getting a Note unit that offers you some nice 5.7inces of screen and operates with a QUALCOMM snapdragon 805 chipsets under the hood.


The camera is also impressive at 16MP and for additional memory, there is a slot on board, as well as a removable battery.

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