Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have radiation measuring feature?

If you are still wowing at how Samsung could possibly put an eye scanner on a mobile phone, wait till you hear this one.

People with knowledge of Samsung’s plans have authoritatively said that the mobile company will add a hardware which can measure the sun’s radiation on their highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Note 4 radiation
The feature which will be powered by an ultraviolet sensing receptor sitting near the front camera on the Galaxy Note 4, will be able to measure of UV radiation exerted by the sun and warns the user when the levels go beyond normal.

Samsung is gradually working to bring health fitness features to it’s flagships as the Samsung Galaxy S5 had come with a heart rate and baby monitor as well as a step counter.

The Galaxy Note 4, naturally, will also bear some, if not all of the heath features found on it’s GS5 sibling.

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