Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in India gets security patch for January, embedded Samsung Pay app


‚ÄčThis is the season of rollout of the January security patch to units, and many manufacturers are not slowing down. In India, the latest to get this kind of update is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and alongside the patch, there is an interesting feature to look at. 
This is the second time that we would see Samsung roll out an update that embeds the Samsung Pay app and if we are reading the signs well, it seems that this mode of payment is soon to be launched in the region.

Coming in at a size bordering on 320MB, the firmware version on this new update is N929GUBU3BQA3, and needless to say, there are bug-fixing and performance-improving features embedded into the same update. Treating the news about the Samsung Pay application, there have been some initial reports to suggest that we could see the feature launch in India in the first half of the year.

Till then, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

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